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UVeye’s system unit blends seamlessly with the landscape, forming a natural look with no disruption to the environment or to traffic flow. This system integrates with external access control systems such as; bollards, road blockers, arm barriers etc. as well as integrate and share information with other surrounding UVeye units on site.
Ideal for major commercial areas; airports, banks, parliament, embassies, military bases, and government institutions.

Feature Highlights:

Complete support for multilane architecture

Bi-directional scanning

High-Speed Intelligent Image Processing – within seconds the operator receives a fully-scanned image of the vehicle’s undercarriage

Supports any vehicle type with no limitation on vehicle length

Stop & Go Image Acquiring – stopping above the system and continuing driving does not affect the image quality.

Reporting system with export options.

Operational even in harsh weather conditions.

Optional Features:

A.I.T.D® – UVeye’s AI-based Automatic Threat Detection.

Additional Overview camera.

API for system events.

Advanced LPR camera – delivers 2 images (LP number + vehicle body overview in colour).

Automatic cleaning system.

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